“medicine and art: imagining a future for life and love
mori art museum
, tokyo
28 nov. 2009- 28. feb. 2010


l’hospice / the nursing home by gilles barbier, 2002
six wax figures, television, various elements
dimension variable
martin z. margulies, miami, usa
courtesy: galerie g.-p. & n. vallois, paris, france

since time immemorial, people have sought to understand the mechanisms of the human body.
on the basis of their discoveries in medicine and science, people have attempted to counter
the effects of disease and injury and to resist death, seeking the ultimate secret of longevity.
the history of medicine is the sum of all such scientific explorations into the nature of the
human body. likewise, attempts to create depictions of beauty have also been repeated in history.
the human body, in fact, has always been held up as a place to embody the ideal form of beauty,
and people have never tired of its depiction.”

Via designboom.com

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