Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka will exhibit a glass window made of 500 crystal prisms at MUSEUM. beyond museum in Seoul this May.

Called Rainbow Church, the eight metre-high installation will create rainbows within the space as the light is refracted.

More about Tokujin Yoshioka on Dezeen in our special category.

The information below is from Tokujin Yoshioka:

Rainbow Church

The idea of this architecture project “Rainbow Church” dates back to when I was in early 20s.

When I was in France for a business trip, I went to Vence, a commune located near Nice. There, I visited the Chapelle du Rosaire, which Henri Matisse, a French painter, created in his last years. I was engrossed in the beauty of the light that the chapel created.

I experienced a space filled with the light of Matisse: Being bathed in the sunlight of the Provence, the stained glass with Matisse’s vibrant colors suffused the room with full of colors. Since then, I had been dreaming of designing an architecture where people can feel the light with all senses.

This dreaming architecture project will be realized as a concept plan at the exhibition held at MUSEUM. beyondmuseum in Seoul from May, 2010. The exhibition is planned to last until the end of June. A 8-meter-high stained glass made with approximately 500 crystal prisms will be filling the space with rainbow colors as the light shines on it.

via dezeen.

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