This 1973 Porsche was driven off the lot, used briefly, and then carefully parked and covered in a Michigan garage. It wouldn’t see the light of day for three decades. It would emerge from its long slumber a 700-mile 911T with beautiful paint and an immaculate interior. That’s not what makes it unique, though.


It’s the details that will blow you away. The chrome, aluminum, and rubber trim is all original and all looks new. If soft 36-year-old rubber seals sound impossible, consider the car’s original tires, which have no cracks in their sidewalls. The kicker, though, is the fact that the car still had its factory fill of motor oil until 2008.


“It’s a veritable time capsule in every way,” comments Kent Moore, a Southern California Porsche enthusiast who owns the car today. “That’s been the reaction of everyone who has looked at it. Crowds gather around it. It’s a new car — it is absolutely showroom fresh.”



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