Charles A. Csuri is an artist and computer graphics pioneer and a Professor at the Ohio State University. He exhibited his paintings in New York City from 1955-1965. Examples of early works are in the collections of Walter P. Chrysler, movie actor Jose Ferrer, pop artist Roy Lichtenstein and sculptor George Segal.

In 1964 he experimented with computer graphics technology and a year later began creating computer animated films. The 4th International Experimental Film Festival, Brussels, Belgium, 1967, awarded him the prize for animation. His work was highlighted in the exhibition Cybernetic Serendipity held at The Institute for Contemporary Art, London, England, 1968. One of Charles Csuri’s computer films is in the collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

His research activity in computer animation and graphics has received international recognition and acclaim. He has been interviewed twice on the Today Show. CNN’s Portrait of America featured him on a program and he has been on Entertainment Tonight.

Csuri has lectured and presented his work in Sweden, England, France, Spain, Holland, Italy and Japan, and has received wide media coverage around the world.

Source: Digital Art Museum

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