Puma Chalk Table by aruliden

New York studio luxe-up the humble ‘ping-pong’ table…



Not usually high on anybody’s list of desirable objects, the table tennis table is usually covered in cobwebs, bright (but faded) green and invariably used to stockpile another load of crap on top of it in the garage… but then, it seems just about everything these days gets the luxe treatment, ergo the humble ‘ping-pong’ table can now be added to your imaginary Wallpaper*-approved abode. Claiming to redefine the ping-pong table for the “after hours athlete” – New York studio, aruliden have considered the social element of the game for their exclusive Puma design, incorporating a containing section for drinks, snacks and ‘other’, whilst the surface allows for scores, directions and insults to be sketched upon it! All yours for close to 5,000 USD.


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