QLOCKTWO makes you pause and allows a different view of time. The typographic front combines the moment with the written word and makes it a statement. „It is half past eight.“

This clock forms a perfect square and seems to hover freely at the wall. A matrix with symmetrically arranged characters constitutes another square in the interior. Some of these characters shine in pure white to form words that describe time.

The front surface is made of polished acrylic glass. The lacquered wooden body supports it by means of eight magnets. That way the front surface can be replaced without visible attachments. There are satin stainless steel or five colours of polished synthetic glass to choose from, each generating contrasts or consistencies in interplay with their surroundings.

When it is activated, the timer sets itself exact to the second and adjusts the brightness of the characters to ambient light. QLOCKTWO is available in several languages, you only need the appropriate front panel.


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