In celebration [of this past summer’s Independence Day], Helix Design has created an American flag mosaic made of industrial design sketches.


The ‘Designed in America’ flag was created by Helix to represent design creativity through the American flag,” explains Helix owner Joe Schappler, who founded the company in 1990. “Made up of product design ideations, Helix is artistically promoting the concept that creativity, innovation, ingenuity and design is embodied in America’s product development excellence and expertise.”

…”The Designed in America flag promotes the creative thinking of Americans to conceive of exceptional products for the world,” Schappler adds. “Alongside ‘Made in America,’ we don’t just highlight where a product is assembled, but celebrate the thinking that created the product itself. Designed in America keeps jobs at home and promotes the United States of America as the world leader in ingenuity.”


Helix is located in Manchester. You know, our Manchester, the one in New Hampshire. That one was first, right?

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