The WorldWideWeb (W3) is a wide-areahypermedia information retrievalinitiative aiming to give universalaccess to a large universe of documents.

Everything there is online aboutW3 is linked directly or indirectlyto this document, including an executivesummary of the project, Mailing lists, Policy , November’s W3 news ,Frequently Asked Questions .

What’s out there?
Pointers to theworld’s online information, subjects, W3 servers, etc.
on the browser you are using
Software Products
A list of W3 projectcomponents and their current state.(e.g. Line Mode ,X11 Viola , NeXTStep, Servers , Tools , Mail robot ,Library )
Details of protocols, formats,program internals etc
Paper documentationon W3 and references.
A list of some people involvedin the project.
A summary of the historyof the project.
How can I help ?
If you would liketo support the web..
Getting code
Getting the code byanonymous FTP , etc.
via w3.org

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