2013 Chevrolet Malibu

Every car has a soundscape. Even noise is designed

During the car sales pitch, there is a moment when you first get behind the wheel. You hit the ignition, the engine turns over, and the car comes to life. You are bathed in the sound of countless mechanical and electrical parts as they spin, twist, push, pull, and rub against one another. It’s Kara Gordon’s job to make sure you like what you hear.

Gordon is a noise and vibration performance engineer with GM. She’s been doing this since 1999 and is part of the team that designed and tested the soundscape of the new Chevy Impala. GM is pushing the luxury car as their quietest full-size sedan, ever. While they’ve clearly put a great deal of effort into isolating and sealing the cabin, what’s more interesting is the effort they put into the sounds you do hear.

Read the full story at medium.com

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