“Easy,” you said. You needed an animated motion study within which a component needed to rotate 360 degrees, or some multiple thereof. “I’ll just set a key point at the desired ending position, and then rotate the component. SolidWorks’ transpositional animation will do just what I need.”

But it doesn’t seem to. In replaying your animation, the part doesn’t seem to have rotated at all. It’s not that the part didn’t move, per se – it did. Right back into the same position. SolidWorks will calculate the shortest distance between two key points. Which, in this case, is? None. In another example, a part that was to rotate 270 degrees has instead just rotated 90…in the wrong direction!

So, we discover a method that works just fine for linear translation is not so desirable for rotations beyond 180 degrees. What’s an animator to do?

We’re glad you asked.

Read my full blog post at Graphics Systems’ SolidNotes blog….

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