I’ve always enjoyed hearing Robert Green speak. I can think of no greater or more literate authority on CAD Management. I hope the intended audiences are indeed reading his recent post in Cadalyst magazine:

Dear CAD Company CEO:

As CAD managers, we toil in less-than-ideal conditions. We work long hours, deal with irritated users, and have little budget or authority, yet we’re expected to make CAD/building information modeling (BIM) software work all the time. We have to help our companies meet deadlines and profit goals, while keeping all our users trained so that the wheels don’t fall off the CAD bus. It isn’t an easy or glamorous job, yet we do it because we love CAD technology and want our companies to succeed.

We’re some of your biggest fans, because you produce the software we work with every day. Unfortunately, we often struggle to manage the tools you produce and to make them work well. If you could listen to us, better understand the frustrations we deal with, and address a few requests, we’ll be more than happy to sing your praises.

Here are a few things you could do to help us.

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