Anyone from a drafting or product design background has to love this style of artwork. Our friends at SolidSmack shared this.

Deciding what to hang on the wall is never an easy choice. Unless you’re an art collector and rotate pieces often, finding that ‘perfect’ photograph or painting can take months if you are finicky about details.

If somewhere along the way you’ve been looking for that final touch to make your home office or workshop feel more complete along with that 3D printer and pile of foam scraps, skip the tacky motivational posters and opt for one of these awesome (and cheap!) posters from Etsy member PatentPrints.

With design blueprints ranging from a tennis ball and a football helmet to an iMac or a typewriter, there is surely something that would resonate for anybody with a ‘making’ spirit. In total there are over 300 various product designs and inventions to choose from…all for the bargain price of $6.99-$20 a pop depending on your size needs.

Read the rest – and see more samples – here. Thanks again, SolidSmack.

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