Here’s my latest SolidNotes blog post: 

It’s been a while since we’ve visited our friends down the hall, Sol and Sal. Yet today there seems to be a lively discussion coming from their office. Let’s put our ear to the wall and try to ascertain what’s happening, shall we?


“What are you working on, Sol?” Sol turned around to see his intrepid and faithful sidekick, Sal, looking over his shoulder. “It looks like a design for…hey, wait a minute, Sol, how come your SOLIDWORKS screen looks a bit different than mine?”


At that moment, a flash of realization crossed Sal’s face, suddenly shining with serene satisfaction. “Hey, you’ve upgraded to SOLIDWORKS 2015! How did you…when did you…find the time…what…when….” He was quickly becoming flustered.


“Sal, Sal, Sal,” Sol sympathetically sighed as his smoldering sidekick Sal stammered sardonically. “Remember what I’ve told you, like, a hundred times now?”


“This isn’t about emptying the coffee pot at night, again, is it, Sol? Because…” Sal’s voice trailed off.


“No, Sal, not this time. Remember my favorite motto, ‘Work Smarter, Not Harder?”’


“You’re always telling me that, Sol.”


“Well, it’s as simple as that. You read Graphics Systems’ SolidNotes blog, don’t you?”


“Of course! I never miss a post! I even subscribe to it with my RSS Reader!”


“Well, Sal, I got so tired of reading post after post after post after post after posttelling me of the new 2015 features, well, I decided to load it up!”


“But we’ve been so busy! How did you find the time?”


“Remember what we were just talking about, Sal?”


“This isn’t about the coffee pot again, is it? Enough about the coffee pot, already!”


“No,” Sol sorrowfully sighed as he surreptitiously scrutinized Sal’s seriously short attention span, “the ‘Work Smarter, Not Harder’ part? Well, I figured using just a few of the 200+ new features would more than make up for any time I spent installing it. Besides, I was up and running over a lunch break.”


“But…but…what if something went wrong during the installation?”


“Well, you’ve spoken to the Graphics Systems Technical Support group, haven’t you, Sal?”


“Why, yes, Sol, it’s a great bunch of guys!”


Sal felt Sol glaring at him.


“And gals! A great bunch of guys and gals!” Sal hurriedly and ashamedly corrected himself. “Guys and gals!”


“That’s right, Sal. And I knew if I ran into trouble, they’d be there to help…as always. So, Sal, I now have to ask you…why haven’t you upgraded to SOLIDWORKS 2015 yet?”


“You’ve talked me into it! I’ll do it before I leave today!”


“You won’t regret it, Sal. Just remember what I told you.”


“Work smarter, not harder?”


“No. Empty the coffee pot!”


You can see several more of Sam’s somewhat serious series of Sol and Sal’s serial spree of SOLIDWORKS shenanigans here and here and here and here….

By: Sam Hochberg, Applications Engineer and Training Instructor


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