Most of these look better than Frank Gehry’s stuff

British retailer Made.com asked a bunch of pre-teen kids to draw “what homes might look like in the future.” The company then commissioned an illustrator to render them, and surprisingly, some of these don’t look that far-fetched:

Alannah, age 7, Woking

This home features fluffy carpet walls, and its windows are made out of melted strawberry lollipops. The giant slide is made out of jelly (making it extra slippery and bouncy) and enables inhabitants easy access to the outside play area (which includes swings, a trampoline and a swimming pool).

Isla, age 10, Worthing

This home powers itself thanks to the solar panels covering the exterior walls and roof. With an interior which boasts a library, games room, music studio and gym, there really is something for everyone here.

Gana, age 7, Crawley

On the right hand side of this house, it is always night-time and you can view the stars using the large telescope on the roof. On the left hand side, there is constant sunlight and a large trampoline. This home is equipped with a long slide and benefits from a large balcony.

Charlie, age 5, Folkestone

This home has the ability to move itself, and can travel long distances on its mechanical legs. Its exterior features a range of delicious treats and sweets, including its windows. This house also benefits from a rocket roof, so it’s ready to blast off at any second.

Ellis, age 7, Harlow

This home is built to last – it’s constructed using titanium bricks, and fitted with bullet proof windows and a steel roof. Next to the house is a small oak shed. In this vision of the future, even the clouds are made of metal.

Kya, age 12, Esher

Located by the sea, this home features a glass panel roof and is made out of fine wood. Its architectural design is definitely unlike that of traditional homes; but what really sets this house apart is its ability to camouflage at night time.

Hamza, age 8, Crawley

This home in a wild forest is situated high up in the trees and benefits from stunning views. The treehouse is accessible via the large stone steps which lead to the rope ladder.

Tilda, age 7, Folkestone

This sugar-coated home is made out of custard cream. There are cherry flavoured bricks on the edges of the home, candy windows and a bubble gum door. To top it all off, strawberry juice coats the roof of this delicious house.

Ameen, age 10, Crawley

This “street” of multi-coloured homes floats in the clouds. The houses come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and flowers grow in the skies.

Antoni, age 10, Worthing

This eco-friendly pyramid-shaped home is equipped with solar panels, a port for your hover car and a viewing point to take in the local landscape. It also benefits from a sliding front door.

I’d say none of these look as outlandish as the stuff Frank Gehry puts out.

via Rain Noe at Core77

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