It’s Autumn.

The evenings are shorter, the days cooler. Football and hockey seasons are ramping up. Monotonous green landscapes turn into a panoply of colors as leaves, soon to be raked, exalt in one final boastful display.

Aw, the heck with that stuff. The new release of SOLIDWORKS is out!

Yes, dear friends, it’s that time of year, when our marketing mavens and social media masters gather all of us tech brainiacs into a meeting and ask us to write about our favorite new features.

[Figure 1: Marketing rounds up blog ideas from tech staff.]

New, Favorite SOLIDWORKS Features

It’s easy to cover new SOLIDWORKS features, right? I mean, we live for this stuff, don’t we? The only problem is…we’ve already written about our top 10 new features in SOLIDWORKS Mechanical CAD. And Electrical CAD. And Simulation. And the all-important Document Management. What’s left?

As the radio DJs say, time to take a deeper dive. I’m going to spin the wheel of “favorite feature fortune” and…look…it’s landed on…Bill Of Material enhancements!

Read the rest at GSC’s website

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