Help My Neighbor Bob! Act Before Midnight Tonight!

“I’m searching for a position in IT management or IT management consulting in the Chicago area. I have over 20 years experience managing computer and communications systems, project planning, and implementation. Email me at bmullany AT gmail.com”

I Need a New Job © 8/1/2009 Bob Mullany

I bought a new suit and I look pretty cute
Though I wish I were a little bit taller
I got some new shirts that aren’t buttoned down
And kind of starchy around the collar
I’m so annoyed that I’m unemployed
And too broke to say I’ve retired
All I need is one place to put me back in the race,
Just one person to tell me “You’re hired”

(CHORUS) I need a new job (Yeah, I need a new gig)
Where the hours are short (And the money is big)
I need a new job (my budget is tight)
Can you grab the tab, I’m a little bit light
And I need a new job

Yes, I’m long in the tooth and to tell you the truth
Staying fit is an difficult challenge
Recruiters are struck that I’m such an old buck
They overlook my multiple talents
They’re as young as my kids, they don’t care what I did
And they’re so darned condescending
Though they feel kinda bad ’cause I look like their dad
And my useful life’s obviously ending


We’re all learning the game overcoming our shame
In church halls for networking meetings
We all lay our claim to two minutes of fame
For two hours of uncomfortable seating
We audaciously hope someone throws us a rope
But with a slight sense of panic we’re thinking
The mortgage is due, we’ve got three kids in school
And like the Titanic we’re sinking


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