Porsche 911

Sometimes we all zoom past where we are going, and are forced to make a u-turn.  But having to turn back or switch direction isn’t always a bad thing.  Having had a change of heart, Porsche is soon set to release a new version of the 911 GT3 R incorporating technology it previously said it would not.  What’s so special about this new machine? It’s a hybrid. What’s so controversial about it? Porsche CEO Michael Macht said they wouldn’t do it.  “It’s technically possible, but it’s not part of the plan.

“Based on the rear-drive 911 GT3 R that’s set to take to the track in privateer hands later this year, the GT3 R Hybrid utilizes a rear-mounted, 480-hp 4.0-liter flat-six in conjunction with two electric motors that drive the front wheels. Residing in the space normally reserved for the passenger seat sits a flywheel, which harnesses kinetic energy under braking and can spin upwards of 40,000 rpm. Once enough energy is stored, the system lets loose up to 120 kilowatts – approximately 160 horsepower – to the front wheels in six to eight second bursts that are controlled by a steering wheel-mounted button.”

| Damon Lavrinc | Autoblog.com


Though Porsche has not officially released the full technical specs as of yet, the new hybrid model is set to have its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show that will take place 18 days from now.  Following its Geneva unveiling, the real test comes at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring on May 15. After the Hybrid takes to the Green Hell later this year, Porsche plans to assault the 24 Hours of LeMans in a refined version in 2012, just as the sanctioning body begins to favor hybrids.

Here are some more pictures to feast your eyes on.

Porsche 911 GT3 R


Porsche 911


Porsche 911


Porsche 911


Porsche 911


 via 911nation

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