It’s been a month now since we dropped in on Sol and Sal, our intrepid power user and his sidekick. Let’s see what they’re up to, shall we?


“Say, Sol. ’Sup?” sneered Sal, semi-seriously.


Sol sighed and scrutinized Sal with a sideways glance. “Do you mean to say, Sal, what am I doing this instant?”


“’Zactly!” Sal said excitedly.


“Well, Sal, since you asked, I am preparing a demonstration for this month’s SOLIDWORKS User Group meeting.”


“Nice!” Sal squealed then swiftly slouched. “Um, what’s a SOLIDWORKS User Group?”


Sol sighed then became suddenly sympathetic to Sal’s inquest.


“Well, Sol, it’s a group of like-minded SOLIDWORKS users that get together every month or two to share tips, tricks, ideas, best practices, and in general, just network among themselves. Users are typically welcome to give their own presentations and we often have Application Engineers from nearby Value Added Resellers – like @SamHochberg or Jeff @astrosetz Setzer from Graphics Systems – showing tips, or what’s new in the latest release. Y’know, that kind of stuff. In fact,” Sol leaned closer, “just a few months ago we had @gpbassi – Gian Paolo Bassi, SOLIDWORKS’ CEO himself – at our local meeting, to talk about future product direction. It was fascinating!”


Sol’s illustrious soliloquy stopped short.


“Impressive” Sal said sheepishly. “But what else happens between the meeting, the networking, and the speakers?”


Sol succumbed to Sal’s second question. “Well, they’ve previously provided pre-presentation pizza and pop!” Sol passionately posited.


“This sounds awesome, Sol. How would someone know where to find their local SOLIDWORKS User Group?”


Sol surreptitiously surfed to swugn.org and clicked the “Find A Group” link. “See, Sal?” Sol said. “I just entered your Zip Code and it showed me the locations and contact info for all the User Groups in your area.”


“Like you’re about to show us in Figure 1, Sol?”


“Oh, yes, Sal, sorry. Thanks for reminding me.”


Find_A_GroupFig. 1


“I will strive to see you speak next session, Sol. What say you?”


“Why, certainly, Sal! And if you can’t go, you can send your assistant.”


“My assistant?”


“Yes, as…wait for it…your surrogate!” Sol slapped his knee and smiled.


“You sure are resourceful, Sol. Say, what’s your favorite SOLIDWORKS resource?”


“Graphics Systems’ SolidNotes blog, Sal. Graphics Systems’ SolidNotes.”


You can see several more of Sam’s somewhat serious series of Sol and Sal’s serial spree of SOLIDWORKS shenanigans here and here and here and here….

By: Sam Hochberg, Applications Engineer and Training Instructor


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