CAD, 3D Printing, and Vintage Race Cars – yes, this kind of hits all my buttons. From our friends at SolidSmack:

It seems as though in order to gain attention these days, automaker are increasingly looking outside of the cars they make and into new technologies that validate their credibility as an innovator. One only needs to be reminded of Lexus’ recent hoverboard publicity stunt to see that they actually, kind of, work.


More recently, German automaker Audi pulled their iconic 1936 Auto Union Typ C “Silver Arrow” grand prix car out of their design archives and reproduced it using direct metal laster sintering (DMLS) – otherwise known as “metal 3D printing”.

The 1:2 scale reproduction of the car, which famously knocked Mercedes-Benz off the winner’s podium in the late ’30s, was created to highlight the manufacturing capabilities of the company’s “Audi Toolmaking 3D Printing system” – the adopted name for their in-house DMLS machine.

Full article here.

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