Here’s my latest “technical” blog post for my company’s website – somehow, it came out to the tune of The Night Before Christmas…

‘Twas the night before Due Date, and all through the house,

Not a hard drive was whirring; quite still was the mouse.

The design had been finalized, or so we had thought,

The tooling was purchased, and the packaging, bought.

The salesmen were happy, with visions of larders

Filled to the brim with the new Purchase Orders.

When from my cellphone there arose such a clatter,

I knew from the ringtone it was no laughing matter.

“Get down here right now!” screamed my boss on the line,

“The customer has asked for a complete redesign!

Fire up SOLIDWORKS and make greatest haste,

Now Sketch! Now Constrain! Now Copy and Paste!

On Parts! On Assemblies! I don’t care the order,

To the top of the Tree, Redefine and Reorder!

Make sure it works, run a Simulation Study!

Get on it right now, won’t you, good buddy?

Make sure the Plastic flows into the Mold,

Don’t want it too hot! Don’t want it too cold!

Launch Visualize and then, if you so choose,

Give me a Rendering that Marketing can use!

Go into Composer, update the instructions,

Then into Electrical, check for shorts at the junctions!

And if you’ve a problem, don’t sit there and whine!

Call Graphics Systems! Get them on the line!

Ask for their Helpdesk, the team there is great

In just a twinkling, they’ll set you guys straight!

Try the MBD module, if you’re so inclined,

The wave of the future, Model Based Design!

And don’t forget to use SOLIDWORKS Inspection

Don’t want any parts facing Quality Rejection!”

His eyes were not twinkling, not merry were his dimples,

I sprang to my workstation and to the team gave a whistle.

I spoke not a word, but went straight to my work,

Changed some dimensions… That’s all it took!

I got all the signoffs, on those Change Orders, just so,

Automatically routed through PDM Pro!

Now the design is updated, checked for form, fit, and function,

Thanks to SOLIDWORKS, it’s quickly Released For Production!

And when the boss calls, and I’m thinking he might,

I’ll say “Happy Customers To All, And To All, A Good Night!”


By: Sam Hochberg, CSWE, Applications Engineer @SamHochberg

Video production by Katie Vanden Heuvel

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