Why, it seems like only a month or so ago that Sol, our serene SOLIDWORKS specialist, and Sal, Sol’s somewhat subsidiary sidekick, were seen on the SOLIDWORKS blog starring in the adventure story, “Sol and Sal Get Shady in SOLIDWORKS Composer.” Hey, wait…it has been a month or so! Which means our dynamic duo are probably up to something again. One can only imagine….


“Say, Sol…’sup?” said Sal.


“Do you mean, what am I doing right now, Sal?” Sol sighed.


“Sure as shootin’!” recited Sal.


“Well, Sal, I am waiting for you to finish some of our documentation. How’s it coming?”


“Funny you should ask, Sol. I just finished. Just look at this!”


“Look at what, Sal?”


Sal sheepishly gestured at the screen. “Um, Figure 1.”


0716-1Fig. 1

“Sal,” spoke Sol, “do you notice anything funny about that picture? Like, everything’s floating in space?”


“Shoot, Sol, I was so hoping nobody would notice that.”


“Want to know how to fix that?”


“Sure do, Sol!” Sal sensed something stupendous was soon to be seen, and started salivating like Pavlov’s own dog.


“You should see someone about that salivating symptom, Sal. You had the same thing happen last month!” With that, Sol rolled up his sleeves and got to work. “First, we go to the Collaboration tab in the left pane, and select the Ground actor. Then below, in its Properties pane, we simply proceed with the “Set height on geometry” option.”


“Slow down, Sol, I can’t write that fast!” shrieked Sal.


“Well, Sal, you could just look down at Figure 2.”


0716-2Fig. 2

“Thanks, Sol,” sounded Sal self-consciously, and then shortly afterward said, “ah, sweet! This looks much better, as you can tell by Figure 3!”


0716-3Fig. 3

“Say, Sol, remind me again, where do you learn about all these cool SOLIDWORKS things?”


“Why, Graphics Systems’ SolidNotes, Sal. Graphics Systems’ SolidNotes.”


You can see several more of Sam’s somewhat serious series of Sol and Sal’s serial spree of SOLIDWORKS shenanigans throughout this blog.

By: Sam Hochberg, CSWE, Applications Engineer

Also seen published on the GSC SolidNotes blog.


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