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You are attending our Engineer3D! Conference on April 25th-26th in Milwaukee, aren’t you? I’ll be giving six presentations – yes, that’s right, six – and one topic I’ve chosen I believe is particularly interesting and one I’ve not seen presented at similar venues before. The topic is “Creating Best Practices and CAD Standards.”


“Sure,” you’re thinking, “he’s just going to talk about applying standards – y’know, how to make software settings and such.” And I am going to mention some of the tools for setting and sharing these things. But the bulk of the conversation will be about creating the standards – how does one even write a standards document? How is it formatted? What are the considerations and determinants I need to be addressing in the document? In the software itself?


Here are the topics I’ll be discussing:

  • What Are the Problems I Am Trying To Solve?
  • How to write a Standards Manual
  • Considerations and Determinants
  • SOLIDWORKS Tools and Methods


I think you’ll find this presentation not only tells you what to do, but how to do it.


My other 5 topics are:


The Latest Tools for Streamlining Drawings – Drawings, for most, are still the lingua franca of the engineering world. It’s important to properly and optimally portray your designs. In this seminar we’ll review view creation and annotation techniques, from basic to advanced, as well as many time-saving drawing setup and template tips.


I’m Detecting A Pattern Here – You’ve used Rectangular and Circular Patterns to their fullest – or have you? And have you explored Variable, Chain, Sketch- and Curve-Driven Patterns? Or how to best leverage Patterns in your Assemblies?  Make the most of these powerful techniques!


Splines and 3D Sketching – Take a deeper dive into sketching as we cover advanced part creation techniques. We’ll demonstrate 3D Sketches, Splines, and Sketch Plane creation tips, and bring you up to date on recent enhancements therein.


Achieve Sketching Nirvana! – You spend a lot of time sketching – make the most of it! We start with all-important best practices and continue with dozens of tips, tricks and shortcuts. Everyone will learn something from this popular seminar!


Solving Sheet Metal Problems – Many of us, if only occasionally, need to create sheet metal parts. But are we taking full advantages of SOLIDWORKS’ powerful modeling tools? We will review some basics and best practices as well as cover specific sheet metal modeling and import problems and their resolutions.


Won’t you join us at this year’s Engineer3D! Conference?

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