Subscription models are now the norm and perpetual licenses are taking the back seat.

This year’s overview of CAD software reveals that software subscription licensing is now the norm instead of the exception. When Onshape debuted in 2015, its subscription-only licensing model was considered as novel as its 100% cloud operations. Soon after that Autodesk announced plans to eliminate perpetual licenses and convert its entire product line to subscriptions, causing a CAD industry earthquake with aftershocks still being felt today.

Diverse CAD Market

What has not changed is the incredible diversity of the CAD marketplace. Prices in our chart range from $49.95 (TurboCAD Designer) to $10,000 (nTopology Element Pro). Not every vendor makes its prices public, or the high-end price would be even higher. Dassault Systemès’ Catia, for example, is sold specific to the task with a set of add-on solutions complementing its core modeling technology. Its prices can range from $9,000 to more than $65,000 per seat and it is rarely sold in single units, but as part of a company’s standardization on Dassault products.

How companies price product support has changed as well. In the past only the most expensive products carried a separate maintenance charge; now it is common for most products more than $1,500 to carry a maintenance charge.

The Grande Total

We’ve gathered a myriad of information concerning vendors and their products. Prices should only be considered as a guide, as vendors and dealers often reduce prices from suggested retail as part of larger sales.

Click here to download detailed information on CAD software products, pricing and details (PDF).

via Cadalyst

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